Eugenia Natsoulidou: Macedonian language is endangered in Greece

The network for promoting linguistic diversity in Dublin’s seminar on the plight of the Macedonian people and the Greek attempts to delete the Macedonian language, was represented by the activist for the rights of Macedonians in Greece and official of the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD), Eugenia Natsoulidou.
- The Macedonian language is nearly extinct among the younger generations. The older generations usually speak Macedonian with their families, relatives and friends and they usually avoid talking Macedonian in public, said Natsoulidou at the seminar held ten days ago, as informs the UMD.
Naculidu warned that Greece does not allow use of the Macedonian language in official purposes.
- The Macedonian language is never used in formal speech, in the shops, or in the state institutions, even when the speaker knows that the person he / she addresses also speaks Macedonian, said Natsoulidou and requires from the Greek government, on behalf of UMD, to take actions for preserving the Macedonian language, and  to adopt a law on the protection of regional languages and minority languages as an initial step.
The Network for promoting linguistic diversity, works to promote minority languages across Europe. It promotes policies towards studying and protection of these languages and linguistic diversity of Europe.
- The NPLD believes that linguistic diversity is an opportunity for intercultural dialogue among Europeans, and that is why the conclusions presented by Natsoulidou are on time, important and concerning in the same time because the Macedonian language is on the verge of extinction, announced from the UMD.