The Bucharest peace treaty – 100 years later

The 10th August this year will mark the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Bucharest peace treaty which divided the ethno-geographical territory of Macedonia between the Balkan countries.
The consequences from that act are still felt in Macedonia and the region.
Prof. Dr. Konstantin Nikiforov, director of the Slavic institute at the Russian academy of sciences (RAS) thinks that the treaty was verysignificant for the Balkan and determined the development of the countries in the region for decades. Macedonia was finally divided but it is good that the archive materials are looked at.
“The actions from 1913 can still be felt today. The BPT had a dual influence on Macedonia – on one side the country was finally divided byit and stayed that wayfor a long time, while on the other side, a part that was called Vardar Macedonia back then, gained independence and became a country where the Macedonian nation and language were created. We can talk about what was good or bad, or about the issues that are still unresolved, but Macedonia is a realitytoday, it exists. The fact that there are Macedonians and Macedonian language cannot be changed, which is the most important thing” – said Nikiforov at the break during the Sixth Macedonian-Russian scientific meeting on the topic “The Bucharest peace treatyfrom 1913 and its long-term consequences on Macedonia and Southeast Europe” which was recently held in Skopje. 
Academician Blaze Ristovski said that even after 100 years, the BPT has no new influence on Macedonia.

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1. Weltkrieg - Die Bombardierungen von Bitola zwischen 1916-1918

Über die Bombenangriffe auf Bitola in Makedonien, während der osmanischen Herrschaft auch Manastir genannt, existieren etliche Dokumente, Chroniken und Berichte die uns ein Bild der Grausamkeiten in Bitola machen.

Am morgen des 19. November 1916 betraten die Armeen der Entante die Stadt, die bis dahin von den Deutschen und Bulgaren besetzt gehalten wurde.